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FAQ about shoes

Q1. Are these shoes waterproof? 

Not many leather shoes are waterproof. However high quality full grain leather uppers are highly water resistant and with regular use of water-proof spray, resistance can be maintained throughout the life of the shoe. 

Q2. Do these shoes make your feet sweat?

Foot perspiration will vary according to a person's feet. However high quality leathers are the best protection; leathers, which have been sprayed with gunk or paint, will reduce its breathing ability.

Q3. What’s that mark on the upper?

A scratch on the surface of the upper will remove the natural oil from the leather. The mark can be removed easily by rubbing in a wax-based conditioner, which will replace the oil.

Q4. Will the leather stretch?

All leathers will give and mould to suit the foot, though stitch down tends to give more. If a shoe is not comfortable, the customer should not be encouraged to buy based on the idea that leather will stretch as this stretching often occurs with blisters and other problems for the wearer.

Q5. How large do your shoes go?

In general, Men’s styles are made up to size 12, and Women’s styles are made up to size 10. 

Q6. Is there a guarantee with these shoes?

All shoes have a 3-month guarantee period against manufacturing faults. If there is a manufacturing fault they may be replaced in store as long as the customer has an original receipt as proof of purchase. Shoes may also be sent to Quality Control for assessment before being replaced/exchanged.

Q7. The lining is not leather, will that mean that my feet will sweat excessively and increase odour?

This depends on a person’s foot. It is recommended that shoes are rested and not worn daily in order to decrease the build up of fungus and increase longevity of the shoe.